Width That Gives Your Golf Swing Consistency

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This video is about Improve Your Width That Gives Your Swing Consistency For . For more golf pointers and drills please make sure to take a look at. For more and directions please click the "Program More" button listed below.




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Width That Gives Your Consistency

Golf Swing
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  1. I’m a scratch player, and I definitely bend the left arm. I failed the flexibility test miserably, by the way. lol I make this work because I keep my forearms close, and right elbow close to my body, leading my downswing. I also extend the arms through impact. The grip is definitely too close to my head, at the top. Not enough “width”. This narrows my arch too much through transition, so because of that, I’m not able to hit it as far as I technically should. I’m 6’2, athletic. However, I still hit it far enough to score(275 average). Would love to see you do a video on allowing the forearms to naturally rotate, on the backswing. I see too many people that keep the right hand above the left at the top of the swing. They never lay the right wrist back(like holding a tray). This makes the left wrist cup, and puts the shaft “across the line”, at the top. This also makes them have to do a huge “reroute” to try and shallow the club in transition. Love your channel! One of the best, for sure.

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