Morikawa, Rose and Horschel surprise First Tee students at Zurich Classic

Collin Morikawa, Justin Rose and Billy surprise 3 trainees ahead of the 2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Morikawa plays a couple of holes with Abby, Rose hits the driving variety with Arianna and provides Matthew some tips for an interview.


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Morikawa, Rose and Horschel surprise students at Zurich Classic

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  1. Kids needs to have that social interaction with their role models. Good role models are so important for the young.

  2. 5:20 Arnold Palmer gave so much to the game, one thing he passed on that’s often over looked. He was a big believer in signing legible autographs.

  3. Absolutely WONDERFUL!! I just love seeing the kids reactions to the Pros taking the time to just be friends with them. Lessons are just the secondary benefit.

  4. This was totally heart warming, definitely made my day today. Definitely was impressed by the young lady’s energy.

  5. Arianna can play!! That girl can seriously swing and she’s so calm.. perfect fit for the LPGA

  6. Honestly I’d be so happy to watch an entire nine holes with Collin and Abby. She’s absolutely adorable ❤️

  7. Collin and that girl was the best. I loved it when she said “When you’re a pro you don’t even have to do anything.”

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