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  1. I passed on the paint brush drill to a guy struggling with his irons today while golfing he improved instantly and i told him the mallet theory also to solidify it thanks Adam

  2. Want to take a divot? Just play more golf, it will come naturally. Don’t ever force it, you could just end up hurting something.

  3. Impossible for me to take a divot. Never have taken divots my entire golfing career. #1- I pick the ball Cleanly everytime no matter where I’m lying! #2- Florida courses are sometimes dry & the ground just disintegrates when you try to take a divot.
    Only once did I ever take a real professional divot in real play.
    TPC Treviso Bay. 54° Sand Wedge. From 50yds. The grass just stripped up and flew with the ball, incredible.
    The course conditions really matter.
    Vasari and the colony I sometimes take a very small divot.

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