How to Stop Hitting the Ground Behind the Golf Ball

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How to Stop Hitting the Ground Behind the

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  1. This was the best explanation I’ve ever seen for “strike”. Excellent video! I’m a scratch player, and I remember the aha moment for me…. I started trying to hit the ball FORWARD. This changes your intent. You’ll stop lunging too “down” at the ball. And, you’ll also stop trying to help the ball “up”. Your weight, and pressure will shift forward, and your low point will automatically become MUCH shallower. This is truly a game changer, because “strike” is king if you wanna get to scratch. Hope this helps someone out there.

  2. I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand the concept. I get the shallow approach but it looked like you were shift forward? I was taught to stay “in the barrel” and not shift. I love your videos.

    1. Thanks. As long as your head stays fairly still a shift to the target with the hips is what you want. “Stay in the barrel is for the backswing

  3. Good Stuff as Usual….but what is the proper setup stance for a downhill lie n what is the proper stance for a uphill lie,once in a while these are the times when I ground the club before impact…TY for ur Time 👍🏼⛳️

    1. I have videos on both of those situations at this YouTube channel. I hope you’ll find them helpful

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