Golf driver

Enhance your driving game with expert pointers from Adam Bazalgette, 4-Time SWF PGA Instructor of The Year. View the full video on our YouTube channel for better golf insights!

Golf driver

Golf Swing
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  1. Good advice Adam. So the message is simple, just hit it out of the middle! I will do just that from now on. 😀

    Cheers and thanks from Sydney – Dave

  2. Where are all these people who can decide where the ball hits the club? 😂 Granted, I’m trash. But it literally seems impossible to adjust your club face a 1/2” or less on a swing.

    1. You’d be amazed how near middle of face top players hit the ball. If you care to the regular YouTube video that this is an excerpt from offers suggestions as to how to do it. Thanka

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