Bubba Watson Rips Into Steve Elkington Rd. 2 Zurich Classic

Watson responds to Elkington interrupting him while shooting. From Round 2 the Zurich of New Orleans. They comprised after the round and said sorry to everybody.

Bubba Watson Rips Into Elkington Rd. 2 Zurich

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  1. Saw Bubba comment one of the first people to send congrats after the Masters was “Mr, Steve Elkington” (Bubba’s words). Elkington told Bubba that he would be selling used cars in a few years. Bubba took it to heart and gives Elkingon some credit.

  2. Thanks man for correction. I understand Bubba’s frustration. Especially when there is that kind of money on the line. Damn near a million $.

  3. I was there and I was watching their group. I couldn’t make out what Bubba said at the time. I could tell he was pissed though. My buddy and I had already talked about Elkington moving in Bubba’s view, when he was getting ready to hit, 9-10 times in two days. It would piss me off too.

  4. if by insufferable you mean awesome, and by a-hole you mean amazing, and by special ed you mean spectacular, and by dropout you mean accomplished, and by couldn’t hold a job you mean rich…then you’re spot on 🙂

  5. Both of these golfers are tools.  Bubba explodes and blames his caddy too at times, not just playing partners.   Elkington, who at one time was considered to have the most beautiful swing on tour, has been known to be disrespectful of playing partners, or at the very least unmindful.  I don’t root for either of them.

  6. Im with Bubba on this one completely , but it isn’t an age thing , Elkington has been and always will be a tool.

    I know plenty of guys like Elk who play these games and deliberately try and put you off , Bubba is good enough to see through this BS.

    1. Dude get off my nuts. What are you Elk’s kid or something? Or maybe you’re Elk himself. lol.

  7. I have never really been able to figure out either Steve Elkington or Bubba Watson. Are they good? Yes. But do both of them seem a little bit tightly wound? Yes. I suspect that this incident was more of a generational clash than anything else, and apparently the two of them patched things up. Also, Watson said that Elkington was among the very first to congratulate him when he won his first Masters, so that has to count for something.

  8. Even after this, Elkington still early walked on a lot of players. Even saw it live. He’d always walk at the beginning of their backswing. Not sure how Elk never got punched out.

    1. @greenergolf I know for a fact that tiger was scared of him. But then again tiger was always easy to intimidate

    2. Probably because Elk could kick anyone’s as on the tour when he played and everyone knew it. The whole concept of “early walk” is made up B.S. by those looking to be disturbed (a now old guy who is still a two handicap and played in the mini tours in central Florida in the 80’s/90’s).

    3. @Dorian Gray Tiger might might have been scared of him when he first joined the Tour when he was still a twig. Once he started working out, I can’t imagine he would have been scared of him. From like 2005-2007 he got pretty big.

  9. Havent seen too many pros theses days that don’t “step early” on their playing companions, especially on the green. And when did it become a thing to walk up to the green (not to mark the ball) before the other guy has played his approach?
    Nobody’s speeding up play with this crap.

  10. Playing with lefties is tough. One time I was always in the guy’s line of sight because I never played with a lefty before.

    1. Don’t play a round with Canadians. Half the golfers in the country, including me are left handed for some odd reason (something to do with hockey I hear)

    2. @Buck Ó Donnghaile ..but most of us swing right ,even being lefty. It’s a Canadian thing -Wayne shoots left ,but swings a golf club right.

  11. I remember this. Bubba ended up calling him an A hole later on in the round due to Elkington caddie constantly walking while Bubba was getting ready to hit. I would have felt the same. Elkington was always the type of player that would do anything he could to piss people off to gain advantage over them. What I liked about Bubba was that he did not try to get back at Steve in like manner.

  12. If I were Bubba I would shout at him: “Hey Steve stop walking or I’m gonna walk at you while you are putting”

  13. It’s called an “Australian walk” and it implies early feet shuffling during a tournament. Elk is just innocently carrying the torch. Actually Ian Baker Finch’s great grandfather was the first to do it.

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