🔥🔥Golf Swing Leg and Hip Movement Drills for Your Downswing

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This video is about Improve Your Leg and Hip Movement Drills for Your Downswing For . For more and drills please make sure to take a look at. For more and guidelines please click the "Show More" button listed below.




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🔥🔥 Leg and Hip Movement Drills for Your Downswing

Golf Swing
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  1. Very helpful drills…puts a great picture in one’s mind of the task at hand….the sheer simplicity of this continuous movement is apparent…actually achieving it with a club in hand…requires letting go of thought and letting it happen naturally…

  2. I love these videos. This is the one thing that kills me about golf sometimes. Nothing is set in stone. Sure generally everyone that’s good does certain things around the same way but I knew a guy who had a handicap of around 6-8 and he only used 4 clubs. Driver, 3 wood, 8 iron, and putter. Dude just had it down to a science. (Now he didn’t play on the hardest of courses but still that’s pretty good)

  3. this is pure gold and I will begin doing these immediately. Watching videos of highly accomplished tour pros in and of itself does little for me. But then connecting that to common sense, simple and easy to do drills makes it seem possible to get that better swing feel ingrained. And the two foci of 1. knowing what you want to happen and 2. paying attention to the results in your body rather than just the ball is perfect. Thanks for this one, I know it’s going to be a big help.

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