Tiger Woods throws a message to LIV Golf Players in the 2022 Open Championship

Tiger Woods throws a message to LIV Players

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Tiger Woods throws a message to LIV Golf Players in the 2022 Open Championship

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  1. I don’t even watch these videos anymore (tired topic). I immediately pause and start reading the comments for entertainment purposes. 🙂

    1. Who are they to tell anyone about making a personal decision? As Sly Stone said, “different strokes for different folks.” That’s aging me, but oh well.

  2. *Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us*

  3. Rory used to bash the PGA tour in favor of the Euro tour, but then he realized he could make more money on the PGA tour so guess where he went.

    1. RORY was not given money from the PGA to come over and join. He had to earn it from his playing ability. Completely different from Phil, Bryson, and DJ getting a one hundred million sign on bonus before even playing to the LIV and Let Die exhibition crap. Those guys joined because they can’t compete anymore. Greedy one percenters.” Money for nothing and their chick’s for free.”

  4. Many great athletes if not all only want championships. Money is nice, but winning a green jacket is priceless.

    1. Key word “great”, 99% of athletes aren’t that. Most are just really good at what they do. A great athlete would play for free. Everyone else ‘wants’ a jacket but is completely fine cashing a big check instead.

  5. Absolutely love Tiger but this is a full on company man statement. He must have forgotten how bad the pga treated him during his lowest times. Or how most of the courses he played were private and didn’t allow blacks. Or how Augusta publicly slapped him for his affairs. The world is about money plain and simple. Get yours when you can. Everyone else can go fly a kite if they don’t like it.

  6. Everyone has an opinion. The FREEDOM to choose who you want to work for is good for everyone. Be careful throwing stones when you live in a glass house.

  7. Understand this about Tiger Woods he has helped a lot of golfers young & old! By working hard never giving up legacy is all important factor’s in playing the game of golf! Words spoken by Tiger are not just empty words! Tiger has walked the walk & done the hard work to win Championships! PGA thinks a lot of Tiger & what he’s done for the game of golf! I’m sure Tiger will never sign with LIV! Tiger has more LOVE for the sport of Golf then I think Tiger can ever put into words! Tiger is a True Champion! Best of Luck Tiger at St Andrew’s!🍀

    1. @Ball Striker 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂 liv fan by chance 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣


    3. @Teressa Abbott Why is Tiger talking about the players that went to LIV? Maybe he should mind his own f****** business.

  8. Just like all the top golfers in the late 60’s turned their backs on the previous tour to join the PGA tour for more money, yet that worked out pretty well lol

  9. Honestly, this is getting old. Spare us the “moral high ground” on this one. Especially when Mickelson stood by you when you blew your family up.

  10. Before Tiger even swung his first swing on the PGA tour, Nike signed him for a 40 million dollar contract. LIV does that for average players what Nike did for Tiger. I don’t think Tiger really gets it as far as financial security for more players. Love Tiger, but it is hard for him to relate to players being forced to play more tournaments because they need the money and want to spend more time with their families. Tiger had both worlds early in his career. I think is is awesome more players can spend more time with their families and not worry about the next paycheck.

    1. Agree with comments on this … if they wanted to stand on the “upset” with Saudi money it’s one thing but the PGA already tapped that bank themselves. So … its simply competition. Hmm?? They can’t handle competition maybe the value prop to everyone’s point isn’t that great on the PGA for the majority of the players?

    2. It’s like 100 people dude, not thousands worrying where their next check will come from. It’s literal millionaires

    3. @Ray Bowles Yes I did and I agree. I remember the negative pushback he got for that contract in 1996, as I began my freshman year in college.

    4. Because they wasn’t good as Tiger. They will never be as good as Tiger. Phil couldn’t handle being second to Tiger now he can’t even shut under par.

    5. LIV is a money grab from a dubious source! Every dollar Tiger has from golf, he earned it!! Tiger was and has always been driven by competition and winning! The PGA Tour gives its players a tremendous amount of freedom to set their schedules, spend quality time with their families and make expecttional amounts of money, if your’e good enough!

      On the LIV Exhibition Tour, you don’t have to be that good to make money and thrive. Good for the players who have chosen that path for their own personal gain but, don’t try to sell me the LIV Exhibition Tour is better for the game of golf! It’s a money grab for the players and sports washing for the Saudis.

  11. “Turned their back on what allowed them to get to this position.” I love tiger, but with all due respect, the players ability and their foundation (training, College/Amateur career, coaches, etc) “allowed” them to get to this position. The PGA allowed them to showcase their skills, that’s it. Now they get to showcase their skills while earning more money at a lesser schedule. Even if you’re a young player that’s still pretty damn appealing.

    1. I think hes talking about the guys that have already made a name for themselves. Like the brooks, phils, dustins, those guys lol

  12. His words are easy for him as a billionaire. But if he was a young player, without his success on many levels, the allure of LIV would be much greater, or so it seems to me.

  13. Lol easy for the Billionaire at the end of his career to say this. The only reason LIV is what it is, is because of the horrendous way the PGA handled things.

  14. Tiger has it completely backwards. The PGA tour has turned its back on the players who helped make it what it is.

    1. Garbage. The PGA does so much for all players right through all the levels including those pros who will never be good enough to earn a living by playing. You don’t have a clue.

    2. @Rene Jean ..The PGA indeed does a lot for players. They’ve also made $billions from the entertainment those players have provided.
      The LIV players aren’t turning their back on the PGA. They’d love to be able to support the tour and draw fans and a lot of money. But the hypocrite idiots in charge won’t let that happen.

  15. When the AFL and ABA started to take off then the NFL and NBA started to take note! When it was obvious that the fans loved those leagues as well then the MERGER happened! Last week I watched the LIV right here on YOU TUBE and the comments were basically all positive and to the extent that many loved watching it more than the PGA coverages of tournaments. I was one of those who could not leave after I started to watch it here! Get over yourself PGA! Peace out!

  16. I will never understand the notion that LIV golfers “turned their backs” on the PGA Tour and other Tour players. They were offered significantly more money to play significantly less golf, and their decision to go opens more spots for other golfers trying to get on Tour. It even got the Tour to change its schedule and offer better purses and limited-field events. What part of that hurt the Tour and the pros there?

    1. Dude it was all about the money and they turned their backs on the integrity of the game period…apparently you have no true knowledge of the history of golf go back to sleep 💤

  17. This is Tiger Woods looking out for himself and his corporate sponsors. Tiger is the host of the Genesis Invitational on the PGA Tour, an event which Tiger uses to solicit millions of dollars for his charities. He is doing everything he can to preserve the status quo of the PGA Tour and it’s corporate and charity business model. He doesn’t want any competition from a rival league based outside the US. Tiger controls the corporate sponsorships and charity events surrounding each PGA Tour event, where hundreds of millions of dollars are donated. Increased competition will necessarily result in star players leaving the PGA Tour and reduce the stranglehold grip that Tiger is trying to apply. He wants to control the golf sponsors and use PGA Tour charity dollars to push his own liberal social corporate political narrative. Competiting leagues is good for golf. The game has grown and can easily sustain multiple golf leagues that compete against one another. The LIV Tour is bad for Tiger (who can’t go because he controls today’s PGA Tour), but good for growing the game of golf. The PGA Tour is turning into a socialist organization with control based in the hands of a few elite like Tiger, Nike, and the corporate sponsors.

  18. The ‘Open’ has lost its morale high ground by turning away a former champion. Agree or disagree with what Norman is doing, but that move by the Open shows they actually care nothing about tradition and integrity and loyalty. If it’s a sad day for golf they helped make it such.

  19. Words from the GOAT Tiger Woods who never had a problem with supporting his Child sweatshop labour sponsor.

  20. Tiger has NEVER (as a professional) had to worry about money. He was signing huge endorsements before he turned pro. He was making LIV money 20 years ago. The bigger he got the more APPEARANCE fees he demanded.

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