Tiger Woods Day 2 Press Conference 2022 JP McManus Pro Am

Tiger Woods Day 2 Interview 2022 JP McManus Pro Am

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Tiger Woods Day 2 Press Conference 2022 JP McManus Pro Am

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  1. Just want to see you healthy make the cut at the open that will be winning a tournament 🐯

  2. Go TW!! You’re almost there Bro!! The winner circle and the trophy will be yours soon!!

    1. His PR team probably already told them, if the PGA Tour already alerted the press to *stop talking about LIV.* The more the PGA and players talk about them, the more hype they receive.

  3. There is a big, big wall out there; and Teeger is squarely approaching the wall at mach speed. This ain’t gonna go well.

    1. Not smart to bet against Tiger. Phil won at age 50. Tiger has surpassed everybody in the past.

    2. @Jeff S. He’s literally playing on 1 leg, and when you have 1 leg you practice a lot less. I know the ‘eye of the tiger’ and I never wrote tiger off; after all surgeries and trials and tribulations, but now, I am writing tiger off completely. I realize God could intercede, but I am not factoring divine intervention. It’s a miracle tiger is in the field, but that is where the miracles end.

    3. @Teddy Zamba He was playing on one leg in 2008 as well. Putting comes and goes. Tom Watson almost won at a late age. You’ve failed to learn a basic lesson of not counting out great champions. This is not boxing or a sport with an age limit. Golf has a huge mental component and Tiger is strong there. Others have won at late ages. That’s all you need to know. You will have no trouble getting people to take your bet that Tiger is done. Please bet the farm on Tiger being done. Please do that so we can see how serious you are.

  4. Tigers PGA Tour records will never be touched so he should join LIV and do the players a favor. LIV has a stronger field than 30+ PGA Tour events. LIV has BY FAR the highest average OWGR and best players top to bottom. PGA, is now, listen up, PGA IS NOW the developmental tour for LIV. Top 56 players did not show up to Deere. Barracuda is a joke, Fortinet, Sanderson Farms and on and on and on. Pro golf is now LIV+Majors.

    1. ​@RxRVEE well said? I like LIV but it might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

    2. lol best players top to bottom? I like LIV but that’s silly. At least half of LIV would LOVE to play the PGA Tour. You think Jediah Morgan or Chase Keopka and another dozen wouldn’t have rather played the John Deere?

    3. @Jeff S. How do I get on the payroll? Looking for a side income to shill random garbage.

  5. Fused spine, knee replaced a leg nearly amputated – just appreciate the greatness of Tiger — The passion for the game and the desire to compete — when he has earned to right to enjoy His ocean front property — Thank you Tiger and to all of his team that keep putting him back together.

  6. They should have asked Tiger what team he was supporting at LIV Portland 😅

  7. Everyone said his career was over years before he won the masters or tour championship. He can absolutely win but he’s gotta have everything working right

  8. Has anyone ever asked him how he managed to drive his car off the road and ended up like this?

  9. A living legend, just sad to imagine how much greater he could have been with smarter choices.

  10. Deeply refreshing, whenever a “scientist” of golf talks about golfs, wasn’t it great or what.

  11. A leg transplant? If possible, and he got a leg from an 18 year old he’d win a few more majors.

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