Rory McIlroy Wednesday Press Conference 2022 FedEx St Jude Championship

Rory McIlroy Wednesday Interview 2022 FedEx St Jude Championship © PGA Tour

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Rory McIlroy Wednesday Press Conference 2022 FedEx St Jude Championship

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  1. I also haven’t touched a club or eaten a vegetable in 2 weeks. Hopefully I play like Rory this weekend!

    1. @joseph-Ignace Guillotin Sir, I think you’re taking this far too personally. Neither of these organizations will lose any sleep over you. There are more important things in this world to be this concerned with.

    2. @joseph-Ignace Guillotin Still clicking watching reading and posting about LIV I see. LOL. YOU will be glued to the screen next LIV event!

    3. @MatthewDean I could nt care less about LIV…i care for the PGA of America , the players and far most the History of Golf and that is my right…if you gave a sweet …F ..its your right ??Adios

    4. @joseph-Ignace Guillotin calm down, sir. For your own good. And you clearly care about the LIV. It’s at the forefront of your mind.

  2. Judge got it right legally. So glad the best golfers can now focus on glorious championships now and not all this hoopla.

  3. The lesser guys put their names on the suit to see how it turned out .If those 3 won the suit then the other bigger names would of followed

  4. Money can’t buy you respect — especially self-respect. McIlroy, Rahm & guys like them have got their values and priorities on straight. A professional golfer who wins on PGA has accomplished something significant in his career. A player who wins a LIV Exhibition Event (guaranteed paycheck, no-cut, 3 rounds) has achieved little. I’d rather watching pros of McIlroy & Rahm quality and stature battling it out any day compared to the Mickelsons, Garcias, and Koepkas who, imho, tainted their names and hurt professional golf by quitting the PGA to take Saudi big bucks. Fans really get to see what stuff players are made of watching the LIV ShiiteShow.

    1. Shameful how disloyal the PGAT is to the players who made them. PGAT would not exist without players, but players would exist without tours. No integrity, no respect, no gratitude to the great players who built the PGAT. Talent is the draw, not management. Talent is the rare commodity.

      THAT is why the PGAT is getting reamed. 50 great players gone. Whoops! And more every day. Poaching only goes one way. PGAT can ONLY lose more and more and more. Hilarious incompetence.

    2. @Neo Wick Only the has beens never weres and malcontents which is why it’s weird that people are freaking out over it.

  5. That guy was exceptionally rude with that “stay in your lane “ comment! Did he not understand the analogy 🙄🙄

    1. shows how good Rory is that he didnt respond to that bullshit comment. Rory is doing an incredible job of balancing being professional to deal with the questions and then also play great golf

    2. WTF was that? Does he think he’s Rory’s Daddy speaking to him like that? Weird, and extremely rude

  6. Love this guy. Too bad he hasn’t had a major in almost a decade, but hey it happens. Too all who say he choked on Sunday last month, hey he was ahead but Cam played lights out too. Anyone who plays poker knows you can always get rivered after being ahead

  7. I love how Rory answers in detail manner. I can see he is a person of integrity and honesty, unlike LIV players

    1. Comes across as smug and cocky .Hes an underachiever .Its all on the day with golf not much different than other players.

  8. I have always enjoyed Rory and in recent months my respect has grown immensely. None of us can imagine how much static there is in his life that we don’t see that can impact his preparation and play. Some are quick to criticize but honestly no one in the comment column could do what he has, and will done. Unfortunately as spectators we think we are deserved a critical opinion of who he is and what he does, or doesn’t do. I wouldn’t want this type of scrutiny in my life. Well done Rory! There are more big wins out there!

  9. Two questions.. who the hell told Rory to stay in his lane..Second CAN WE GET A STEADY BASE FOR THE FREAKIN CAMERA!!!

  10. I read where Greg Norman attended the last Ryder Cup and was impressed by the spirit of team play he witnessed. So he incorporated team competition for LIV Golf exhibition events. If this is his attempt to replicate the spirit of the Ryder Cup in LIV Golf, it is a real yawner. I am barely aware that a team competition is occurring during a LIV exhibition event. Does Norman not realize that having twelve 4 man teams playing for money isn’t the same as two 12 man teams playing for nationalistic pride? Obviously, not.

  11. Rory is a PGA Tour jewel, and a world icon who along with many does not wish to be associated with a prince who dismembers anyone who simply speaks ill of him.

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