Phil Mickelson about his absence in The Open Champions Dinner 2022 and LIV Golf

Phil Mickelson about his absence in The Open Champions Dinner 2022 and LIV

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Phil Mickelson about his absence in The Open Champions Dinner 2022 and LIV Golf

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    1. @Jeff McClish This is it. He’s tired of the questions & the load of bollocks that goes with them.

    2. Idk I think he’s very happy. Hes 52. He is one of the guys LIV makes sense to me for. He got an enormous payment to continue playing golf which at 52 isn’t easy to do. It’s the guys under 40 I don’t understand.

    3. @Jeff Smith shitty golfers under 40 I understand more
      But being a legend and already a millionaire losing respect from so many golfers just for more money is sad

    4. @Jeff Smith I think he’s pretty happy too, why wouldn’t he be? The press/media stuff must get very tedious though… The players under 40 have just taken the money and ran & I don’t blame them for it. So many of us would do the same thing, including the people that are slating them for it.

  1. How can any man who just got 200 million look this miserable….it’s because he can’t stand some of the looks his peers give him now. Nobody pretends anymore.

    1. Why would anyone think differently about him he’s just doing what he wants to do the same as the rest of us do. As long as he is not hurting anyone why would it matter his life his decision. People today want to be in each other’s business way to much.

    2. @JD Allison you just said it- that’s what is so strange and people make comments. He’s rich and doing what he wants BUT looks miserable
      This teaches people a lot.

    3. @JD Allison Remember what Rory said a few weeks ago? I’m paraphrasing but basically he said that any decision that he made in his life solely for MONEY never turned out to be a good one. These guys that went to LIV are going to find that out the hard way.

  2. Of course players play in events on most tours, but they don’t badmouth any of them claiming to have been treated badly. The LIV players HAVE badmouthed the PGA, saying they are not treated well enough. You can’t badmouth a tour, join a different one, but then say “We don’t like the PGA tour, but of course we still want to cherry pick some of their best tournaments to play in”……. That is simply ridiculous. And anyone who thinks that is ok, is quite frankly, mildly insane.

    1. @ben baker Please point out where i mention Majors. I am talking about the principal of cherry picking tournaments from a tour they left because they didn’t like the way they were supposedly treated, while earning their millions on that very same tour. Again, please point out where i said Majors. 🤔

    2. None of the LIV players have said they don’t like the PGA tour. You’re speaking quite a lot of bollocks there.

    3. @Eddy Yeah ok pal. No discussion here if all you can do is lie, or not know the facts.

    4. You got it backwards, all the hate and jealously is coming from the tour, media and players like rory bad-mouthing his fellow golfers and even his friends on the Ryder cup teams.

  3. As with any professional sport, there’s absences and huge compromise from families with all athletes. The notion that it’s only being a pga member cause more of just said, is insane. That’s made professional golf and tennis so different, it’s an individual sport, your successes are based squarely on your own willingness to achieve greatness.

    1. And he’s achieved greatness many times over. He’s 52 not 32. He’s achieved more than all but a handful of players in history. I completely agree with Phil joining or Sergio or Lee Westwood. It’s the younger guys I can’t wrap my head around.

  4. If this is how he sounds being ‘happier’; I shudder to think how he would sound if he was ‘sad’. Does money bring happiness? To many of us-yes, but $200M to Phil still sounds sad……

    1. Phil has a life time exemption to play the Open, only major he doesn’t have is the US Open.

      He doesn’t want to tarnish the event / dinner with the presses stupid questions.

  5. It complete bullshit that Phil and Greg were not at the dinner and the 4 hole competition.

    1. @Wash Redskin You mean by winning the tournament, that bed? The bed that guarantees their entry until they turn 60?

  6. Honestly Phil doesn’t sound or look happy! If you don’t want to participate in the dinner which you’re are invited too since you’re a US Champion which should be an honor but instead Phil you act like it’s nothing to win this type of Championship now since you have moved on to LIV golf but you you didn’t feel that at the time Phil did you? What a hypocrite you are Phil! I guess this is what bothers most golf fans & probably golfers is your attitude about the PGA that made you Phil a Millionaire throughout your career! The way I look at your move is you need to pay off your big gambling debts! It’s not about family! You’re older Phil your winning days are over! You know it Phil we know it Phil you’re washed up as a golfer! So the less you say Phil the better off you are! We don’t want to hear from you or about you Phil! Good Riddance!

  7. Have a great life Phil doing what you want, when you want and where you want.

    Thanks for all the memories in the past and into the future as far as your professional golf career goes good sir…

    1. I agree 100%. Phil has earned his right to do what he wants. I don’t understand a guy like Bryson or Abraham Ancer going though. To me they’ve left too much on the table. Phil, Sergio, Lee, Poulter, Louis. Take the money and run.

    2. Absolutely 100% agree… it’s his life and he’s doing what’s best for himself… good on you !

  8. Mickelson is a great pretender. He is a born and bred smart Alec that has played the public and his peers for years. No harm done in doing so in his case but he’s gone now and I won’t miss him at all.

  9. You can tell that he is second guessing his decision to leave the tour. Phil cares too much what people think about him. He’s an outcast now. He’s lying when he says he couldn’t be happier w/ his decision. Plus he missed a dinner w/ all those past current and past great. Sorry but that had to hurt when the RNA told him they don’t want him there.

  10. 30 pieces for the esteem of the world and his self-respect when he was already rich? Yeah, he’s wondering if it was worth it.

  11. Phil was really tarred and feathered by the press. Unfairly, I believe. The R&A has set a dangerous precedent now. Not only with Phil but with Norman. These golf execs need to humble themselves and not consider themselves messengers of God.

  12. This narrative that they can now have a life outside golf is nauseating! Yes, you have to play a qualifying amount of events to maintain your status on the PGA tour – a lower amount than what they have signed up to with LIV, btw. No-one is forcing him to play this wk – not a LIV event. They think people are stupid!

  13. Phil, tell them that for their information, you sent your signed LIV contract back to Saudi Arabia , FedEx. You know the PGA big sponser.

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