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  1. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuideb donde quiera que vym.Monster encantan tus videos.

    1. Thanks for supporting LIV Golf, David! Hope to see you here a bunch more!

    1. @e r When the lower world rankings are making the same the money for coming 2nd than most pga tour players make for 1st place, the young guns will come.
      It only the ones contending for the FedEx cup top 30 that won’t come this season.
      But the start of next season will have LivGolf a strong younger field.

      The goal is to see the top 48 on world rankings play each other in a world tour, not American Tour.
      These are early days. Love the Livgolf format.

  2. John Daly had the word KILL on his golf ball. Should’ve had an S on their too…would’ve been healthier. This John Daly was trying to actually kill golfers LOL. Nahhh it was probably a joke gone bad. Anyways he was a prick early on. Guitar soothes his mind. Good at it too. But man what a punk in the nineties. 1994 World Series of golf ! Harvey penick said he uses his big muscles but he uses his big mouth in 1994. At Firestone…Give him credit he won a major the following year. Finchem talked some sense into him. Lancaster wasn’t happy. Wasn’t the old lady bugging you in between holes… 10,000 recorded rounds of golf for the old man that stood up to the antics. YOU DONT KNOW ME!!!!!

  3. Paul has had a good, solid career….nothing spectacular but very good. At age 44 with a dicey back, the question that Paul asked himself was “How much money would it take for me to quit golf altogether ?” The Saudis came up with that much money. Paul will now play out his obligation to the Saudis and disappear with a bank account bulging with more cash than he could ever have earned playing the rest of his career. Not a bad way to go out .

    1. How many back surgeries did Tiger have…

      A: more than Paul Casey ever dreamed of having.

    2. @Doug

      Casey is a great ball striker win healthy…he will win on the LIVtour in short order. Glad he left the PGA monolopy for greener pastures.

      Did that answer your one word question?

  4. Let them choose, let them play. C’Mon PGA, stop the ‘roger stone’ style political attacks.

  5. These guys are really growing the game ;). Great to see Mohammed Bin Salman and co. challenge the American PGA Tour, get the support of many American fans.

  6. Liv gonna be killing it 12/18 months from now. Pga format of golf is boring let’s be honest it’s only worth watching on a Sunday. Stuck in the mud game of golf bout time it had a shake up

  7. No Tiger Woods No game,just washed up players all about the money,but it worked Saudi Arabia.

  8. So what happens to the lesser known LIV golfers as the Paul Casey’s and others come in and take the 48 spots which is already filled?

  9. Paul Casey ‘Hypocrite ‘…I’m sure the innocent men women and children being slaughtered in Yemen daily by Saudi jets will be glued to the TV watching their favourite player…Nice one Paul…

  10. Professional LIV golfers use Poly Max Extremes during practice rounds. Is that Legal? The PGA is now boring to watch. Will they create a LIV for LPGA women?

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