LIV Golf Portland Winners Press Conference 2022

LIV Portland Winners Interview 2022

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LIV Golf Portland Winners Press Conference 2022

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  1. These guys seem legit happy, refreshing that they seem relaxed and are engaging the media more freely

    1. @Trevor Sanso Agreed. Golf Channel, Rich Eisen, et al will do their best to drum up more (and the same) things to complain about. Oh, and let’s not forget the PGA trolls that frequent the YT comments section – wouldn’t want to leave them out. 🙂

  2. Awesome! I really like how much looser the players are and Liv in general. I think more top world players should move on to the Liv tour.

    1. I think Kokrak and Watson are locks at this point, let’s see who else comes over

    2. Of course their looser there is nothing at stake, like I’ve said before it’s exhibition golf, all you have to do is unstuck your shirt put on your shorts and go have some fun. I understand you don’t like the PGA but respect the game, private Country Clubs expect you to tuck your shirt in, please 😏

    3. @DanielSong39 he would be a big pick up a d so would Fowler even though his game has dropped off he is popular and a known name. Younger generation really likes fowler he would be perfect fit for this league.

  3. The golf was great, the fans fantastic and if I was Monahan I’d be messing my pants..And now another player has jumped ship.go LIV

    1. I’m right there with you. These guys act like they just landed their tour card again! Love it

    2. If you run the only coffee shop in town and somebody opens a new one you can do 2 things: embrace the competition or throw a hissy fit. Jay M. is a little baby. He could have embraced LIV and worked for the betterment of golf. I hope Jay M. is fired soon.

  4. Great tournament ! Relaxed Golfers! Love the Team Event ! The 48 Becomes 120.000 Dollar ! Caddie is paid from the Tour ! And Paul casey is coming !

    1. @Wilko 3017 they get alot more and the tour is actually taking care of them. Caddies don’t get treated well on PGA tour

  5. After only 3 questions… says “only 1 more these guys need to go celebrate”! Savage mode LIV Baby! I’m all in

  6. I watched the final round, the players looked energized
    It was surprising to see how they bought into the team competition aspect
    Never have I seen golfers so excited to finish 3rd place in the team competition

    1. one of the things that stood out to me was how great it was to see other golfers waiting around the 18th green to watch the final group.

    2. LOL…they are all energized because there is no pressure in this LIV league. Your paid before you play and you can finish last and get paid a ton.

  7. The format, the $$, a winner, Golf can be fun !! and competitive at the same time

  8. For those of us who don’t say “Mr. Palmer” or “Mr. Hogan” but say Arnie and Hogan and for those of us who use mute when Jim Nance starts talking about the “hallowed grounds” this is a massive burst of fresh air. Love LIV.

    1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is sick of Jim Nance’s over the top sappy comments. I need to keep a barf bag handy when Nance is announcing. And I’m sure it’s going to get worse as he tries to build up the players nobody has heard of as the big name players continue to move to LIV.

    2. @Coo Bay every thing at Augusta is like a holy relic, “the chair that some guy once sat that no one now will ever sit in ever again, absolutely hallowed ground”

    3. The thing about Jim Nantz is that his voice is not very good, at least by professional broadcaster standards

    4. @Nephesh R yeah maybe this year Jim will do a 10 minute speech on the holy grail toilet Jack Nicholas craped in.

  9. Great tournament. Really enjoyed the energy the players and teams showed. Portland should be very proud of themselves.

  10. I was there at the tournament Saturday to see all these guys play and fans cheering, it was ELECTRICITY in Portland!!! Phenomenal event! #livgolf

  11. I watched all 3 rounds and found the golf to be very entertaining. The interaction between pro and caddy is great to listen to. Grace played great, but I feel bad for Carlos Ortiz. Played well enough to win

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