LIV Golf Bedminster Round One Preparations 2022

LIV Bedminster Round One Preparations 2022

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LIV Golf Bedminster Round One Preparations 2022

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  1. Stenson shooting -7 for the lead was a big middle finger to the PGA. He could still make the team in that form never mind be captain.

    1. Hasn’t played well since the open not the player he was IMO…….load of money grabbers

  2. After the Jan 6 capital attack, how can LIV select a trump course. Disgusting how the players, fans and patrons think that everything is normal.

    1. Because they’re playing golf on a beautiful course, not standing in line for a voting booth.

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    1. Nice and relaxed, isn’t it. Not a lot of arrogant stuffed shirts hanging around. Love it.

  4. Can’t even imagine preparing for a tournament that means nothing….would that mean one prepares by doing nothing? Inquiring minds want to know…..

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