Lightning Strikes at the 2019 U.S. Women’s Open

There was a frightening moment after Round 2 of the U.S. Women's Open was suspended due to harmful in the location at the Country Club of Charleston (S.C.). Nobody was harmed, however the visuals will not be quickly forgotten.

For more from the U.S. Women's Open, see.

Strikes at the U.S. Women's Open

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  1. Fox can pick up random lighting strikes but when the ball is in the air, forget about it.

  2. Was watching it live until it was cut because of weather. Turned on the news and holy crap this happened.

    Hope you guys are alright down there.

  3. Thor and Shazam fans when they see a lightning striking the ground be like “damn bro that’s cool“
    AOT fans when they see a lightning striking the ground *internal screams of terror*

  4. Normal peapole:its scary
    Aaot fans:its real am i just dreaming about it is it yes it is real

  5. Lightning: What are you up to ?
    Tornado: Nothing, Bro.
    Lightning: Well I’m heading to the golf course. Come with ?
    Tornado: No, you go ahead. I’m going to check out that trailer park over there.

  6. I cant believe this beacause i have never seen this types of lighting falling ……

  7. The announcer was more concerned with “our booth” rather than the man who was next to the tree and had to run.

  8. Was there someone moving near the tree around the time of the strike? It looks like something white and person shaped was moving from behind the white sign to the black building immediately after the first shot of the strike as he says “right near the 18th …” at 0:11 It is hard to tell if it’s right before or right after as the footage is looped at that point ….

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