J T Poston Sunday Winners Presser 2022 John Deere Classic

J T Poston Sunday Winners Presser 2022 John Deere Classic © PGA Trip

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J T Poston Sunday Winners Presser 2022 John Deere Classic

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  1. que Gondess.Uno encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortaless abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  2. I want know the PGA tour preaches loyalty. Yet John Deere 3 rd longest sponsor on PGA tour. No top ten guys are at this tournament. Your fake PGA tour. John Deere 3rd longest sponsor on tour . Jordan Spieth you should never miss tournament all they did for you.

    1. @Korama I proved the players have no loyalty. They make excuses why they didn’t play event . They are all playing next week at Scottish open. This America 🇺🇸 support America if your so loyal . You proved my point. Arrogance from commissioner players is bringing down PGA tour.

    2. @Korama All excuses why they can’t play. Oh they are independent contractors as long as it is on Jays terms. They should of supported the John Deere . Open is two weeks out . All excuses for not supporting 3rd longest sponsor on tour .

    3. @timothy winters not really, most top
      Level pros are comming off of a 3-4 week stint and are taking a week off to go to the partner event being the Scottish open in order to prepare for the Open, it would not make sense for them to go to the JDC, imediately get on a plane afterwards and arrive at the Scottish open with minimal time to prepare with absolutely no rest and than imediately after that go and play a major that they will not be 100% ready for as they will have been traveling and playing for a month straight. As I said earlier you have almost no idea how anything on the pga tour works. And FYI The LIV tour has less events for the same reason that the pga tour players take breaks. The game and the way it’s structured allows flexibility for players mental and physical health

  3. I am so tired of the woke commercials during PGA tour event. Tell me PGA tour what has the black community done for the white community???

  4. Turn the young guys loose tired of hearing all the whining from most of those that are gone. No cupcake or chambolini what a relief it is

  5. I was too busy watching LIV, lol. Btw, was there any top 10 players or Major winners in the John Dope event?

    1. The JDC is known more for sparking careers. This is where Spieth and Dechambeu had their first wins. Also some of the top names withdrew this year (Jason Day, Daniel Berger)

    2. Makes the tour better, let the younger play, get experience before the faceoff comes. Chamboliny can’t last long, Kup has been gone, they sold out, but that was alot of money.

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