Golf Ball Hitting Steel in Slow Motion

This of a real golf hitting a heavy plate at 150 miles per hour was taken at 40,000 frames per 2nd at the Research and Test Center in Far Hills, NJ.

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Golf Hitting in Slow Motion

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  1. It’s cool to see how the ball’s shape continues to change after it leaves the plate. I wouldn’t have expected that.

    1. What you’re seeing is actually the speed of sound of the medium the golf ball was made from. Basically the speed of light for material deformation, which depends on the material.

  2. @mvpjesuslovesu The golf ball in the other video you mention (from BBC) obviously has a much lower viscosity than the one in this video, but the wave pattern on the surface from the impact is actually the same in both videos. I am therefore really curious to know exactly what evidence you have to prove the one from BBC is fake?

  3. this ball simply hits the steel at a much lower speed than the one in the other video where it just splashes like mushmellow

  4. a little unfocused, but the vid is still awesome. I never thought something that hard could posibly wable so much!

  5. All things, however strong they may seem, are flexible to some point.

    To all the non-believers out there, this is really true, just filmed at around 75,000 frames per second – too slow for any eye to see.

  6. I’m am going to end this argument by saying that the ball in the other video that some people thought was fake, was a nice ProV1 golf ball. However the golfball in this video was more than likely a top flite

  7. I believe the other one was a rubber golf ball. They do come in different materials and cores.

  8. Le sigh.

    Why does a modern golf ball react differently than one from decades ago that uses a different material and manufacturing process?

    Probably a government conspiracy I guess…

  9. All the people saying “It isn’t spinning”

    Do you realize how slow this is? 1/100th of a second is about right. It wouldn’t have a hugely visible spin in that little amount of time unless it was spinning incredibly fast

    1. capturing 40000 frames/sec and playing at 24 frames/sec is around 1/1666th of a second, so you’re more right than you know.

  10. thank you, I’ve been trying to explain that ball in the other video is foam.. or possibly rubber. but I think its foam. thanks

    1. I think that one is like the golf balls you get in the kids sets? They’re like rubber. Or foam…

  11. At the very beginning of the video the words are tilted to the left and at the very end the words are tilted to the right. Also it is not that hard to see it spinning. I am on mobile so maybe that makes a difference.

  12. I have a hard time beleiving this if im being honest, in this case reality IS stranger than fiction

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