Donald Trump plays ProAm 2022 LIV golf Invitational Bedminster Swing President

Donald Trump plays ProAm 2022 LIV Invitational Bedminster Swing President

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Donald Trump plays ProAm 2022 LIV golf Invitational Bedminster Swing President

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  1. Frankly, the greatest drive in the history of Presidents. Even the greatest swing coach, the best in the world, can’t believe how great this drive was.

  2. This is going to wind up the PGA so much. Beautiful. 😁😁
    Did I see Matthew McConaughey in the background as well ?

    1. No you didn’t. A loss of sight goes with being a Trump supporter. Keep those wrists stiff!

    2. @R D They actually are !They just found a crap load of money stuffed behind the couch so they can pay their players a decent wage as well ! LOL !

    3. @Ig Loo Are you openly admitting to being a supporter of Brandon ? Or is Ron Burgundy ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. “Look folks, you’re gonna love this drive. It’s going to be really really beautiful and really yuge!”

  4. For a man in his 70’s and with his build, he does have some speed through the ball. It is not the prettiest of swings but I have seen much, much worse.

    1. When you played as much golf as he did from 17′ – 21′ (on mine and your dime BTW…) ya he might be an OK golfer at his age…

    2. @Mike Thomas your bias is showing. Pretty good for a guy his age. Plenty of golfers playing 3-4 times per week and worse than that

  5. Now lets get a couple LIV tournaments with Ladies & Gents teams playing for full LIV purse. Will be great to watch and life changing for Ladies golfers.

  6. the greatest golfer trump. it’s a shame he doesn’t compete on Liv or Pga tour. trump would win every tournament.

  7. That drive was biggly. Really it went over 400 yards it was great. Wasn’t it great folks. Women person camera man TV.

  8. Regardless of my political dislike of him, as a golfer I think he is really solid at his age. I would say he got better hip rotation and releasing lag at impact than most recreational golfers, especially those of his age. Without thinking of politics, he is the kind of guy you wanna play with on a golf course.

  9. WOW!!! For someone who brags about how good his courses are and the upkeep they are just beautiful. Look how bad that tee box is burnt out. Not being political either

  10. 45 does well for his age. I’m glad he gets out to do something he enjoys and has a passion for.

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