Cameron Smith Saturday Flash Interview 2022 Fedex St Jude Championship

Cameron Smith Saturday Flash Interview 2022 Fedex St Jude Champion © PGA Trip

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Cameron Smith Saturday Flash Interview 2022 Fedex St Jude Championship

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    1. @Anthony McLaughlin Putting is still fickle and you know it. I never compared anything else. All I said is eventually everyone comes back to earth in putting.

    2. @Anthony McLaughlin 72 holes is important. Smith would not have won the Open without 72 holes and it is exactly the reason he is dropping today. There is something about the 4th round that tests the golfer. Cam Smith has his future ahead of him and he may end up playing in front of 1,000 people and a bunch of old men. He might not make as much with the PGA but I would think it would be more fun playing in front of 25,000 people.

    3. Scottie Scheffler is calling in on rule violations since he is sitting on couch this weekend…

    4. @Michael Rogers You do understand that the cut is what the guys who are staying likes about the PGA tour.

  1. Cam is so composed while giving the middle finger. If he can win tomorrow, the headlines will be so hateful

    1. Where 1/100 of the golf viewing audience will see that. He won’t even have to putt well to win there. I’m thinking they might ask him to slow it down, and miss a few putts to let DJ have a chance. Oh, I forgot, they have Phil trying to break 80 too.

    1. He will be like Speith. If you remember Speith hit everything but putting is fickle and eventually you come back to earth.

    1. Yip and how does he get a 4 stroke penalty for hitting it in water. 2 strokes added 24 hours later. Nobody even saw his shots so how was this assessed???

    1. Tickets are $1, as opposed to $60 on the PGA Tour. That’s a positive. He can finish 5th, and win as much. No golf reporters have been killed yet. LIV can’t throw gay players from buildings. So much positivity from this.

    2. @wreckim Can you explain why after two months of free advertising why Bedminster only drew 1-2k at the event? Everyone knows who has gone over and Phil is a very big draw in NYC. No one want to sell their tickets for a buck.

  2. The best putter on planet earth. He’s going to get an incredible LIV contract. That will be the end of that talent. If he does sign, which I can’t blame him for too much, he’ll not win another Major IMO. I hope I’m wrong, but money–that much that quickly, and for basically no work–makes you soft.

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