Billy Horschel Preview Press Conference 2022 Genesis Scottish Open Strong Words Against LIV Golf

Billy Horschel Preview Interview 2022 Genesis Scottish Open Strong Words Against LIV

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Billy Horschel Preview Press Conference 2022 Genesis Scottish Open Strong Words Against LIV Golf

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  1. I remember the BMW last year when billy one. You could tell it meant alot to him then

  2. Billy – what a leg! After Rory, Fitz and Rambo would love for him to get his hands on a big W this week or next

  3. he just got a pay rise and trying to get a bigger slice of the pie from the pga lol. Billy is the new pga tour pin up boy with rory lmao

  4. I love billy he is a Florida boy just like me but this is just not good for him. You can tell he is just saying to to kiss the A… of the PGA execs. Billy! Your better than this man! You just did an interview for like 2 hours with Fore Play and this was not how you acted my guy. Come on, your my favorite player.

  5. At last, someone with enough moral strength to say what he believes, if I hear another LIV player say he joined to play team golf is insulting to our intelligence. Let them go.

  6. The PGA Tour broke away from the PGA Tour of America in the late 60’s for larger purses!! This is simply history repeating itself. The PGA Tour isn’t the big boy anymore and trying to position itself as the “Conscience of golf” is hysterical. The PGA Tour is not the game of golf and never will be. They think they are bigger than golf. That’s the PGA Tours problem.
    You PGA Tour supporters are a joke. The PGA Tour has 23 sponsors that do over 40 billion a year in business in Saudi Arabia. They also are in business with china. The PGA Tour’s John Deere Classic was last week. Irony is John Deere does business in Saudi Arabia. PGA Tour heritage and legacy???????????? That is long gone. The PGA Tour is woke trash.

  7. This is just for show to get those tour PIP points. He will be drinking with those guys at the Open next week guaranteed.

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