What’s Shoes Got To Do with Golf? (Explained by Chiropractor) | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 2)

Effective swing starts from ground up. If you have a good footwork and a good balance, these are the key points to an effective swing. However, if your is off, you won t have the ability to maximize your power or the turn, and you will wind up compensating to ruin your swing. Let s examine our shoes, , and balance, in order to optimize our efficiency on the course!

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Recorded at Clements Chiropractic.

What’s Shoes Got To Do with ? (Explained by Chiropractor) | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 2)

Golf Swing
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  1. Thank you…. got new shoes this year thinking about my old body. Did get some good one that help stability. Well, I guess or think so.

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