What to feel during the transition for an EFFORTLESS golf swing | WINTER PROJECT (Ep. 3)

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Add promised, I have prepared the lesson! If you do the in combination with the correct set at the top, you’ll be amazed at long and straighter shots!

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What to feel during the transition for an EFFORTLESS | WINTER PROJECT (Ep. 3)

Golf Swing
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  1. Great lesson again, Aimee. I’ve had that feeling after a few drives that I thought I screwed up completely and ended up crushing them. I never knew how to do that again until you just explained it. Can’t wait to practice it. 😎

  2. You’re the best coach on YouTube.. Thanks to your videos.. I’ve been getting more pars.. Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks Aimee, love your lessons. You make learning easy. I’m hitting the ball so much better than before.

  4. Thank you Aimee. Great transition explanation. Explain the difference of 20 yards when I felt that my swing felt boring compare to my hard arm swing! I love to have a boring swing!

  5. Excellent explanation of the transition, I’ll work on this in the morning. Aimee, I’m thinking about getting a golf net & mat for my backyard. Is the net you are using still available, are you happy with it? If not, do you have any suggestions? Besides hitting balls I would like to video my swing. Thanks again⛳️

  6. Excellent video and explanation. More information to help me be less armsy. Can’t wait to work on it. Thank you again!

  7. Wow! This is really different for me. I normally have my hands drop to 10 or 9 o’clock when I shift my weight forward, then swing. This is because when I start to shift and rotate, my body pulls my hands down and then rotate. Is my existing swing incorrect?

  8. I’ve been coming down too steeply lately, so I’ll definitely work on setting the club and delaying my hands. Thx, Aimee, for explaining how to improve my sequencing!

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