Turn Your Hips Like Rory Mcllroy for More Power! | Drop 10 Shots Series (Ep. 1)

(한국어 버전 ➫ ) We start a fresh series, to help you play better and score lower instantly! I will be giving you tips you can apply right away for the on-course play. Today we give you a one-in-four drill to help you hit that longer & straighter. You will be amazed because your will look like Rory McIlroy's! Let's Drop 10 Shots this !

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Turn Your Hips Like Rory Mcllroy for More ! | Drop 10 Shots Series (Ep. 1)

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    1. Well thank you! Many seem to think I’m a bit on the hairy side, but hey the extra fur insulates me during the colder winter months.

  1. Excellent tips, Aimee. Clear and understandable instruction as always. Well done. 🙌🙌👍💯

  2. What an Amazing series! I can’t wait! ❤i can easily drop 10 shots or more as I am a high HC beginner!

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