Turn, Push, Push – Stop Swinging Only with Your Arms | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 8)

Today we’re going to apply glutes and into your . Using these muscles will help you stabilize your and rotate through the ball with power. This correct sequence will help you to , put on a great looking swing, and create effortless power. Try the two-step I show you today, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to make the change!

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Turn, Push, Push – Stop Swinging Only with Your Arms | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 8)

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  1. That armsy swing is exactly what my pro told me I am doing. For some reason, I can make the turn, push-push swing as a practice swing, but once I get over the ball I tense up and revert to my armsy swing. My swing is sometimes so armsy that the club shaft hits the back of my neck! One question: do you keep the knee of your trail leg flexed? It looks like you do and I would think that it would help stabilize the swing and keep you from swaying. I love when you Aimee-fy your lessons.

    1. Hi, yes! It’s best to keep the trail knee flexed during the backswing. Like you mentioned, it helps to stabilize better! Thank you 🙂

  2. I really like this videos. I feel that I am with my coach… all the points in this Senior Must Do series have spectacular. I will try these drills… Only difference is my dominant hand is the right one, but I am playing golf lefty. Not sure how it will feel. I may need some more practice to get away from old habits.

    1. Great to hear! Wow how did you get started playing lefty? You might have told me about it already. But it’s very interesting. I would love to hear about it!

    2. @Golf with Aimee Hockey is the reason… Canada=Hockey for guys of my age… then baseball, then golf… all hitting the puck/ball lefty from a young age… Well golf, I started at 15 or 16.

    3. @Stephane Droletsame with me. Lefty golf, right arm dominant. The problem I have is that I’m a good golfer even with a bit more of an armsy swing. 😅 I just want to be more efficient and less sore after a round.

  3. Im a testimony to the arm swing with tension, hitting the ground first, for many years, which resulted in my body performing its own spine and ligament fusion, as a reaction, called DISH. Lumbar degeneration as well. At 64 I play with pain, alleviated somewhat (and temporarily) by 3 advil and 2 extra strength Tylenol before I tee off. I have to do an ice bath after I play. I used to do a few (😉) beers or whiskey while playing, but you can guess where that ended up. It helped the pain and my swing the first 8 or 9 holes, but HAH, led to some moments Im not exactly proud of 🤣. Thanks for some great tips Aimee!

  4. This makes total sense, Aimee. Completely logical and easy to follow instruction. Really enjoy your channel. Cheers 🙌🙌

  5. Great video. Thank You for some helpful insight. This is the answer to a lot of people’s problems, they don’t use their body. I like the tip you keep mentioning in this video to push and push at certain points in the downswing. This is going to really help me as I’m learning to trust my body more and more to twist and catch and even compress that ball as I swing through. I’m 62 and playing every week for a couple years now. Breaking 90 next week I hope. Thanks again and good job on the video!

  6. Definitely some material for me to work on here. I’m noticing benefits already. My neglected babolat can be put to good use again too

  7. Uh-oh, I’m guilty of 2/3 of the armsy swing! 😭 help me Aimee!!!!!! Turn, push, push, swing! 😊

  8. After countless of times where I thought I “figured” out my swing, I would record my swing and it just didn’t look or feel right. I normally don’t believe youtube is a real place to “fix” your swing as it’s always mostly very general tips you’ve seen a million times and every person is different in where their deficiencies are. Anyway I watched this video yesterday and went to range shortly after to test this drill and the feel. I will say this might be the one tip I’ve been missing for my swing and I know it’s not perfect but it’s finally a step in the right direction. I could never get my trail elbow “tucked” and would always chicken wing on impact, this drill helped to feel lowering the trail shoulder which also results in keeping my trail elbow tucked in to create natural lag and I could also feel more space on the impact to follow through! Thank you Aimee!❤

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