Trouble Rehinging? Finish Your Swing Like a Pro | WINTER PROJECT (Ep. 9)

(한국어 버전 ➫ ) The Winter Project is wrapping up! Let’s talk about , which is not talked about a whole lot. Did you know that your has s bigger affect on your shots more than you realize? Let’s Aimeefy your rehinge to hit it longer and straighter!

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Trouble Rehinging? Your Swing Like a Pro | WINTER PROJECT (Ep. 9)

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  1. I’m so glad you covered this because nobody else talks about this part of the swing! I have always struggled with my follow-though and I know it has adversely affected my swing and ball striking in many ways. It’s super annoying! I hope this helps me gain that proper feeling so I can finally swing through properly. Thanks!

  2. Another great easy to follow tip. Thanks! Now, is that a lemon tree behind you? Look at all that fruit!

  3. When you mentioned New Zealand, I thought, wow, I didn’t know that. It made me think it would be nice if you did a vlog describing your golfing journey. Thx!

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