This is why you can’t hit it far | Stop the Driver Slice EP 2

When you slice it off the tee, it puts so much side spin on the ball, which leads to short distance in addition to misaligned direction. If your hands are ahead of your club head at effect, this suggests you are not launching on time. Resulting in the banana slice. Enjoy today s tip on how to engage your properly. This will help to on time, and begin hitting it longer & straighter off the tee.

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This is why you can’t hit it far | Stop the Slice EP 2

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  1. Recently got very down from USGA mid am… lost my driver swing doing all kinds of weird things and I think this is what I’ve been doing. Thank you Amy for the tip. Really appreciate your valuable free content. 🙏❤

  2. Hi Aimee… I suggested on Mr. Short Game’s livestream for a… MSG vs. Aimee Cho video, what are your thoughts?

  3. This is great, I was looking at training aids this week and I never saw the one you showed today. It is an interesting one. One aspect of golf that it is not cover a lot, it is to hit ball from dirt, pine needles, or soil that aren’t stable to hit the ball on. For me, I feel that I am taking too much loft as I am getting to much under the ball. Would you suggest going with a mid iron? Some time with the bucker in between, i want to ensure to get over it. Thank you Aimee for another great video!

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