STOP Hitting Fat and Topped Shots | Drop 10 Shots Series (Ep. 4)

(한국어 ➫ ) With this one tip, you can start chipping like ! It's all about the proper technique. If you understand what to do, and your body feels the difference, your chipping experience will change forever. This simple technique will make your life easier and save some shots around the greens.

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STOP Hitting Fat and Topped Shots | Drop 10 Shots Series (Ep. 4)

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  1. I love hitting chip shots. I bought some chipping nets to practice with in the backyard. It feels so satisfying when you hit a chip shot softly onto the green.

  2. LPGA Hanwha International Crown event plays out this week at TPC Harding Park. 8 teams vie for the crown, don’t miss it!

    1. Yes! Totally looking forward to the showcasing of this lpga team match-play event!🙌⛳

  3. How do your arms work whilst chipping? Do you keep them tight to your body and rotate the body, or do you keep the body still and just move the arms? Anytime I have to chip onto the green it rarely goes well. Because of this I usually try putting instead!! It’s not pretty but I usually end up closer to the hole.

  4. Great lesson as usual and fun to watch your lesson. Would it be possible to show your swing in slow motion to better see the swing movent? BTW. great work on your renovation.

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