STOP Casting and Start Doing THIS! | WINTER PROJECT (Ep. 5)

(한국어 버전 ➫ ) In the previous iron practice, I used a drill to get my body moving. Many wondered the reason behind this, so I wanted to talk about what is in general. I'll explain lag in-depth and share why I used a lag drill for . If you can lag nicely, you will gain more with less effort and hit the ball closer to the hole than ever.

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STOP Casting and Start Doing THIS! | WINTER PROJECT (Ep. 5)

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  1. The strike sounded awesome. its funny how focussing on that one thing and not thinking about backswing, hand position, hip turn, shoulder turn. Just impact really sharpens the swing up. I have been doing the stop drill and my compression is totally different. Its amazing how easy you can swing and get the same distance even from a half swing if your strike is pure. another great Video Aimee.

  2. You could have a horrible swing and I’d still enjoying watching your videos. Fortunately for all of us, your swing is as pretty as you are 😎

  3. As always, very nice explanation of maintaining lag.
    You’re adorable, and if you ever start making Amy bears,,,(like a teddy bear) I will be the first to buy one.😉

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