Should I Play Golf with Lower Back Pain? | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 4)

In today s interview, we discuss the No. 1 : Lower neck and back pain. If you understand what to watch out for, how to take care of this part of your body, and what to do when you harm it can help you eliminate bigger problems. Make sure to watch what the No. 1 is and how you can stay healthy.

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Should I Play with Pain? | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 4)

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  1. This video was really informative. Thank you for doing this series. I love the solutions to help us to stay away from that lower back pain. However, I got hurt doing yoga! But I know it has a lot of benefit, maybe something to contemplate again.

    1. Hi Stephane,
      I totally agree. When I used to struggle with injuries, yoga used to hurt me more than help me. I think certain yoga movements strains on the joints in some ways, so it’s important to know your body and listen to it! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. As a (soon to be) 68 yr old male, I really appreciate this series. It’s very apparent that lower back issues are the most common in golf since even younger golfers such as Xander Schauffele and Tiger (in his younger days) were sidelined by back issues.
    Since I’m also starting to have arthritis issues in my hands and neck, I need to continue stretching and perhaps will get into yoga to hopefully, be able to continue golfing without pain for a long time.

  3. At nearly 64, I’ve virtually never had lower back pain. I use something at the gym called a “Roman Chair”, do tons of reps of abs, do relatively light dead lifts in the off season, and use my Total Gym a few days a week. I guess that I fortunate.

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