Power Up Your Downswing! So Simple! | WINTER PROJECT (Ep. 4)

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Let’s practice together again! Continuing from last practice, I am working on my iron swing. Backswing is getting more comfortable! Practice definitely helps for sure. Today I focused on the . I do a drill to help up by hip turns on the way down. Try the drill out it’ll help you too.

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Power Up Your Downswing! So Simple! | WINTER PROJECT (Ep. 4)

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  1. I had to laugh when you said “it’s getting super cold out here.” Here in Upstate NY that looks downright balmy. Today it was 36* and breezy, oh, and we have a foot of snow on the ground!
    That being said, thanks for yet another excellent video.

  2. Although it’s in the 40’s this week, yes, we have snow on the ground here in Chicago.
    So, we are now in the X-Golf simulator once a week.

    I look forward to this off-season to work on my swing. I want to get stronger with my irons, so this series (on your practice routine) is great 👍🏻

    Would love to hear your suggestions for working on irons in a simulator
    … given the data and feedback we get in a simulator (that we don’t get at an outdoor driving range).

    Keep up the good work 👊🏻

  3. Thanks for the tips, I will try the towel routine tomorrow. It will be fun day at the range. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

  4. Aimee your downswing rotation and compression was much better after you got fully warmed up. Damn I wish you were still competing on tour because your golf swing is great. Enjoy Thanksgiving Coach and look forward to your next golf video.

  5. I need to practice/work on things, more than I do now. I don’t think you’d enjoy here as we’ve a couple of snow falls and still have some on the ground now.

  6. Your swing is getting better i have been a subscriber since you started and there is a difference which you will see. Hope the back holds up. I work on mine for an hour before i play. Check out Dr. Stuart McGill

  7. Being in the opposite hemisphere looking forward to warmer weather. Last summer built a next in the garage and made a point of hitting at least 75 to 100 balls each day. Looking forward to seeing the results

  8. I really like these videos. It is enjoyable just to watch you hit golf balls and listen to your process.😁👍👍

    Right now, I’m just working on my setup being square. Noticed that I got in a bad habit of setting up with my feet and hips closed which causes me to drop the club too inside and below the plane. Setting up square really feels open now. 😂 However, I’m more on plane and zero-ing out my path better by correcting my setup. 👍

  9. I’m disappointed with this episode. I’d like to see more specific thoughts and instruction specifically on the downswing itself.

  10. Aimee, not gonna lie…I was watching the skirt before you said anything. 🤣🤣 (it’s a joke, relax people)

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