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  1. 그물망이 없어도 충분한 면적이 있나보군요 시원한 풍경에서 멋진샷 잘 보고 갑니다

  2. Try not to hold you breath, for undue pressure+when transitioning from the back swing for more distance concentrate on your left side to pull through.
    I really like the pause at the top of your swing

  3. You have to strengthen your back muscles and the muscles that are used for your swing, beyond the physical demands of the golf swing. So griping the club as hard as you can and slowly swinging with show you the sensitive areas,then, it’s a Q of strengthening…⛳🏌️💪🤔💫⚖️🙏

  4. Try for exercise to plant your left foot 🦶 and draw on it with all your weight transfer as fast as possible

  5. To strengthen your left arm for the Golf swing using the hinge technique is the best,it activates the hands the wrists and all the rest of the muscles on the back swing and by the time you’re at the top you’re completely coiled,then the planting of the left foot 🦶 boom 🏌️💪🤔😃

  6. + heavier, stiffer shafts are a very big factor for strength, stability, distance and control ☝️😉🤔🏌️🏌️🏌️💪

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