Livestream golf lesson and the future of golf 골프의 미래 그리고 라이브 레슨 

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Livestream and the future of golf 골프의 미래 그리고 라이브 레슨 

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  1. ”선한 영향력의 공유”~
    얼굴만큼 맘도 예쁜 에이미 님, 사랑합니다! >💜<

  2. I love your comment about hitting from the toe when you are in a divot. Something I never thought about. Can you do a learning video on that technic? If you can include a few other samples of how you would use that technic, that would be great…. you will have my “thumbs up”. 👍😀

  3. The name you were trying to recall is Ariya Jutanugarn. From what I hear, she often chooses 3-wood over driver. But she is a uniquely elite athletic golfer in her sheer power. The velocity she generates in club head speed is unlike most gals on tour! 😲 Ironically she was just named the International Crown MVP this past weekend as she lead team Thailand to their nation’s first Crown victory at Harding Park.

  4. Fascinating to hear Aimee’s perspective on some of the general contrasts and variances in swing mechanics per tour. I wasn’t aware that a side crunch or ‘dipping’ in the downswing could leave some more prone to injuries.

  5. I’m not all too familiar with the Euro tour players and their characteristic temperaments, but I have seen self-destructive tempers flare from numerous European tennis pros over the decades. And I must say, it always looks rather childish!😏

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