LIV and PGA TOUR. Your thoughts?

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LIV and PGA TOUR. Your thoughts?

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    1. @Squizzy Bollocks Do I have a choice? The players that chose LIV knew where the money was coming from and they had an opportunity to take a stand, but they chose greed. You think LIV and the PIF is all about providing “opportunities” for golfers around the world?? It’s about washing away human rights abuses with money.

  1. What a mess. PGA sold out their values and in the process, those players and consumers that agreed with them. Greed and money do that to weak people, which is probably a majority of people. I won’t follow these tournaments any longer as I can’t get past the poor format of LIV golf or the dark policies of where the money comes from. Some players want to just start over but corrections must be made to past wrongs or they will continue before things should be unified for the good of golf. I will still enjoy my poor golf game and the commerady it brings. But professional golf is dead to me and any purchases I make. I hope a new program with better roots can be formed in the near future.

  2. The LIV players joined LIV! They were in good standing in the pga and would have played in pga events!

    The pga suspended them and tried to destroy LIV!

    The bad faith by the pga caused myself and many others to leave them!

    The loss of fans like myself and the loss of talent was causing the pga into financial difficulties!

    The pga needed a financial bail out!

  3. The divot rule? In the old days the fairways were not groomed like greens are today!

    Therefore in the old days with fluffy fairways balls were more likely to stop on grass. Now with the smooth fairways balls are more likely to roll into a divot and stop!

    I also think golfers play more shots that take divots today than the golfers did in the past!

  4. Cartel, plain and simple. Tv companies, players and viewers have no other choice. Bad for the game long term, PPV incoming.

  5. Canada was part of part of England, the queen is on Canadian money. They are closely allied.

    The Saudi hedge fund/king Is worth shy of a trillion and the PGA is worth 2 billion. LIV was created as a hostile takeover of the golf industry, and it was successful. I think short term it may be good for a worldwide uniting of the sport. Having a king of golf will be bad long term.

    LIV will go away after next season, it was losing billions of dollars any way. It’s not just the PGA but also the European tour. In a way I hope the LPGA and LET will be added to the mix, ladies tournaments are lacking for prize money but I also understand market value.

  6. It is a fact that touring Golf Professionals play tournaments to win money. The more money available in the industry creates greater opportunity for all Professional Golfers and allied staff and business. There has always been a number of {sanctioned} tours and minor tours supported by sponsors. No one has closely examined those sponsors, their business or their products. To the golf professional competing very few could even tell you what Korn Ferry is about or any other sponsor for that matter. Golfers play golf one shot at a time, they do not study the politics of sponsors. The golfers will happily accept the prize money. The source of the money is of no consequence to them. The media seek to create a fight and want to report on adversity between any fighting parties. The PGA not so much the R and A took an aggressive stance in the face of competition and a perceived loss of legitimacy. Further the “culture shock” of the format of LIV contributed to the dispute. The further “culture Shock” of the source of the funds and the fact that it was from a Middle Eastern origin also contributed to the suspicions. This dispute will settle with time, The more money in Golf the better for all players and associated industries. Virtue signalling and assuming a righteous moral stance does not help anyone and this reaction and politics inflames a potentially positive mutually beneficial relationship.

  7. When I heard of the merger, I immediately stop being a fan of the PGA. The love of the game should subvert money, we are not about money. The decision to merge in my opinion was about money not love of the game, not the thrill of competition. The option to join LIV was fluid and open, no reason to merge (unless the PGA was top heavy). Rory – Tiger and all the “true” golfers I will continue to be a fan (silent). I can no longer support the PGA for allowing money to dictate. The “High standards” and private clubs was a ghost screen, all the racial bias was BS. In my opinion the PGA showed it’s true colors (yellow). This week I said goodbye to my sister and to the PGA.

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