Koepka is born for the majors? 켑카는 메이저를 이기기 위해 태어난 선수?

(한국어 버전 ➫ )

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Koepka is born for the majors? 켑카는 메이저를 이기기 위해 태어난 선수?

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  1. Great to see Aussie Min Woo Lee & Kiwi Ryan Fox earning temporary membership on the US Tour after their solid finishes at the US PGA CHAMPIONSHIPS.
    Congrats to Brooks Koepka on winning his 5th Major Championship.

  2. I originally tuned in at the regular 7p for the live chat, but the description box said ‘Begins at 7:30.’ So I came back at about 7:35, and Aimee was doing the Korean portion, so I assumed that English must be afterwards around 7:50. I came back at 7:50, and Korean was still going on, so I waited… and waited… and then it was over.💁‍♂️And I thought.. no English today?
    So I was completely baffled with the mixed messaging of time starts… 🧩

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