It’s Time for Results! Who Do You Think Won? LPGA Rising Star Yealimi Noh Vs Aimee Cho

Today is the day to see who wins the match! I believe you guys already entered the event! We will find out who guessed correctly. I will draw two winners to those fabulous ! Please continue to root for Yealimi Noh's success on the . and enjoy today's match xoxo

▶️ If you have not watched the part1, here it is! ➫

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🎥 Filmed at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club‎

It's Time for Results! Who Do You Think Won? LPGA Rising Star Yealimi Noh Vs Aimee Cho

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  1. Yealimi seems really nice, humble and fun-loving. I’ve never seen her on the LPGA (my favorite golfer besides Michelle Wie, being Danielle Kang) but certainly hope she has great success. I really don’t need the sunglasses but I still think you (Aimee) will win at -9 or -10; while Yealimi will finish around -7. I guess we’ll see.

  2. Yealimi has a sweet personality,thanks for sharing Aimee ❤
    I’ll be watching and cheering for her on the lpga tour now !
    Go Y go 🎉

  3. Playing into setting sun is difficult and i forgot to consider the fatigue factor for the 2nd half.. But you guys both played so solid and made golf look fun & ez! I am inspired even more! Thaanks you guys!

  4. That was really fun to watch. Yealimi is a sweetheart. Thanks Aimee for creating. Next time I want to be invited to KBBQ too 😉

  5. Great format, it was nice to “meet” Yealimi. It would be fun to continue the vlog at dinner and show Korean bbq.

  6. Yealimi thanks for being part of Aimee’s YouTube Channel. Aimee it would be great if you could do more of these golfing challenges in the future. It was a great success

  7. I just watched the start of this, and Yealimi is putting on a clinic. She said her ball striking was good and she is proving this to be true. She definitely made a fan out of me. I already love her swing, so it works.

    Further along at 9:17, this is a great moment. Don’t ever lose that as long as you live. Both girls in the middle of the fairway, Noh a little further obviously, just having fun with sport. Even though Noh is a pro she makes a math mistake and hits it long, but both girls are having fun. I love that about sport.

  8. At the 13th hole when Aimee was hitting out of the bunker, Aimee was like A Lady Warrior wielding a sword. 😀

  9. I feel Yealimi was taking it easy on Amy…….she’s a great sport and fun person to be around it seems. I really enjoyed both part 1 and 2 of this series.

  10. Thank you Aimee for this fun and insightful video hosting and introducing Yealimi to me, I will be a fan to see how she does this year. More great videos like this please. Best of luck, peace.

  11. What an absolutely lovely young woman. It has also been a gift watching you grow, and truth is you still can play a little.

  12. Well I guessed totally wrong on the outcome ha ha. Congratulations Aimee. It was very entertaining to watch you both play. Yealimi seems very nice and good personality. She has a nice looking swing. Best of luck to her on the tour.

  13. Enjoyed watching you humble women having fun on the course.

    Who doesn’t love Korean barbecue.


  14. Be careful with the “swap scores” bonus ball. if you have that you could be really sneaky wait till they hit one close for a good birdie chance, then purposely miss the grreen and work toward a doubkle. triple,quad boggie, and then swap it with them!!

  15. 예림이 노 정말 골프도 잘하고 성격도 좋네요. 앞으로 응원 많이 하겠습니다. 올해 꼭 우승하세요.

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