How to Improve Your Long Putts and Avoid 3 Putts | Good Golfers Do This (Ep. 5)

Putting takes up about 40% of your scores. To lower your score in the easiest way, the first thing you want to do is to eliminate and gain control over long putts. Today I’ll be sharing an drill to help you get there!

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How to Improve Your Long Putts and Avoid 3 Putts | Good Golfers Do This (Ep. 5)

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  1. Save 3 shots a game working on my putting. Still have some improvement to be done. But working on the green and around the greens can save a bunch of shots. Thank you ladies for a wonderful lesson.

  2. Hi, Aimee. Love your content! Could you make a video about reading greens? I’m struggling with that facet, among others. 감사합니다

  3. To create rhythm and control the precise speed when putting from any distance , you must think in terms of counting like when playing any musical instrument.
    The count is one & two and.
    One &, is the time of the backswing and forward motion to the ball.
    Two ,is the precise time when you make contact with the ball.
    And ,is the time of the follow through.

    One ,& , two, and.
    Try this out and I guarantee your results will improve immensely.

  4. I have gone to the left hand low putting style with as soft a grip as possible. It’s working for me, with only 28 putts today and a couple of 10+ foot makes. Sometimes if I get a really long and slow putt, I use the punch putt (Brandt Schnedeker (sp?) style). That technique is to get it within 5 feet and works fairly well for me.

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