Hit more fairways with this simple tip

Ever experience when you hit your irons well, your driver fails? I will explain what you need to do differently for the compared to an . After doing today's drill, you will have a full understanding of what to focus on with your driving.

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with this simple tip

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  1. Great video Aimee. I will have to give this drill a go as I keep catching the ball out of the bottom of the driver at the moment. Thank you

  2. Wow, one more things to try this week. I love that you bring a different perspective from others. Great tips, easy to understand. We can see how it would apply and improve the golf swing. Thank you.

    1. @Golf with Aimee I used the 4 iron, my bag nemesis. That club accentuates my issues. Well, my worst club in the bag is the putter, but that is for another day.

  3. I really needed to hear these important steps even though I’ve been playing for years! Thanks Aimee.

  4. Hi Aimee 😀 Your videos are a great help to me. I’ve been telling my friends about you 😀 Many thanks!! ⛳️

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