Half Swing? Lead Arm Bent? Which Backswing Is Right For Me? | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 3)

Let’s talk about what your should look like. Should you mimic a tour pros ? Definitely not! You have to know your body, and listen to your body. Let’s talk about how much we should turn and whether it’s ok to bend your lead am or not.

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? Lead Arm Bent? Which Is Right For Me? | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 3)

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  1. Hi Aimee. I really appreciated this video. I had never thought about whether or not my lead arm was bending at the top of my backswing, but this video made me aware of yet another aspect of my swing that could be problematic. 😮 Thank you for simplifying concepts so that we can all gain from your experience and knowledge. ❤

  2. Aimee really understands the mechanics of the golf swing and all of the potential pitfalls for a novice, to the nth degree.

  3. Love this series. I can easily relate to these facts about being a senior. One the hard part for me, is to accept that we will be (or are) seniors. I still want to get or do these athletic swings. By the way, I have one of these ball necklace. Just don’t know where I put it

    1. So glad you are enjoying the series! Yes I totally understand what you mean. And I hope you can find that training aid!

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