Great on Range, Terrible on Course? (Don’t ignore) | Good Golfers Do This (Ep. 1)

Good golfers do not enable events to influence their thoughts – they maintain a constant pre-shot routine, rather. Attempt it, you will be surprised just how much this helps your game on the course!
In this brand-new series, we are working on playing much better golf on the course. What are some important elements? Please keep an eye out for it!

00:00 Brand new series "Excellent Golfers Do This" has begun!
00:26 Introducing the app from Golf
02:02 Jon Rahm's pre-shot regimen
03:33 What's the pre-shot regimen?
04:25 's pre-shot routine explained
06:11 How to develop a pre-shot routine for yourself
08:06 Own Your pre-shot regimen like
09:45 How was today's lesson?

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The app likewise consists of a user friendly rules guide and first-of-its-kind shot tracker feature that lets you track how you are striking various clubs from different lies on the course.

The Xonic iTQ app is recommended for golfers who struggle with their ratings due to some missed shots like my sis, or for those who just want to improve their video game. And the app is also fantastic for anyone who desires a reminder on how to deal with different lies and slopes while playing on the golf course. Plus, it's user-friendly, so offer it a try!

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Filmed at Sand Canyon Country Club.

Great on Range, Terrible on Course? (Don't ignore) | Good Golfers Do This (Ep. 1)

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  1. Great demonstration on developing a consistent pre-shot routine.
    Question on #8, drawing an imaginary line back to ball… is that applicable around the green as well with chips and putts? Or should I be focused more on #2, an intermediate target about 2 feet from the ball?
    Thank you Christine and Aimee😊

    1. Hi Jessie! Thank you ☺️ I use the imaginary line back to the ball with long games and putting mostly. I tend to focus more on height of the ball flight for chip shots and bunkers etc. I hope this helps! Thanks 😊

  2. very helpful to see this set up routine

    to see student follow same, but she did not quite do it the same the first time

    very difficult when being videotaped!!

    much better second and third time

  3. 00:00 Brand new series “Good Golfers Do This” has begun!
    00:26 Introducing the Xonic iTQ app from Xonic Golf
    02:02 Jon Rahm’s pre-shot routine
    03:33 What’s the pre-shot routine?
    04:25 Aimee’s pre-shot routine explained
    06:11 How to create a pre-shot routine for yourself
    08:06 Own Your pre-shot routine like Aimee
    09:45 How was today’s lesson?

  4. Do you think that an amateur needs a different pre-shot routine since we don’t practice nearly as much as a pro? More practice swings or exaggerated movement of a problem part or important part of swing. Enjoy your videos.

  5. I like your choice- Jon Rahm. I also like Sei Young Kim and Shane Lowry. But I’m liking Aimee’s pre-shot template here as a guide to build from. Well done sisters.

  6. I’m going to try this PS routine and see if it helps. I seem to have too many swing thoughts going through my mind when over the ball. I’ll have to see if I can improve as quickly as your sister. Thanks

  7. Thank you, Aimee, I am an amateur golfer, I think I have learnt a lot from your videos and recently broke 100 strokes with irons, love your golf lessons, please keep the good work up ! 😊

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