Golf Course Tips for Beginners

“So, you want to play ” series is here! We talk about what to expect when you are playing on the for the first time! Let’s talk about basic vocabs, pace of play, and how to book your tee time!

0:37 golf lingos
2:50 pace of play

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Tips for Beginners

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  1. Thank you for fun video. I took a newer golfer out this week and they did so good and learned a lot! I laughed when you said “well mannered” The lady I was with is a Korean lady, and these two guys got all super nice and accomodating “all of a sudden” when we accidently drove up on them. I never get that with men, but with the Korean princess, I got the red carpet. LOL I bet you get same thing.

  2. My niece is interested in playing the game, so thanks for the advice. I look forward to your next video. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🇯🇲

  3. This is a great idea for a new series. My wife will look at this. It would be great for her to see the videos as she embark on her journey to play St-Andrews. Like always, another well done video. Loved it. On another thing, I am looking at you older and member’s videos, they are awesome. I am trying to binge the one about mental game. I want to win my tournaments, not just place well. I saw a couple great ones.

    1. Thanks Stephane! I hope this helps her 🙂
      I’m glad you found those mental game videos in the member’s vault! Let me know which one helps the most! ☺️

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