Gain Iron Distance | Winter Project Ep. 1

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Finally it’s here! I’ve been planning on doing this winter project to gain club head speed and distance! I lost so much of muscles, I need to get back into it. I know it’s not going to be easy but, it’s more stressful to play as a shorty 😭 During my practice, I’ll Aimeefy some of the technique I’m focusing on, that way you can along with me this off season! Let’s go!

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Gain Iron Distance | Winter Project Ep. 1

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  1. I injured my left knee (I’m right-handed) almost 2 weeks ago and haven’t hit since. I am a senior with disabilities, and I use Tour Edge E722 irons (7-PW). Since I can’t put a lot of weight on my left leg, I decided to just swing easy with a slow tempo while keeping good balance. All I really focused on was slow, easy and trying to hit a specific dimple. Holy cats…I hit it straighter and further today than ever. Now if only I can remember this when I play again.

  2. Keep up the great work Coach Aimee. Nelly Korda & yourself have great lefty swings so it’s fun to watch. I do miss your monday livestreams interacting with your subscribers.

  3. I can relate. Used to be half decent once upon a time 4 handicap, 280 yard drives. Didn’t golf for 3 years during the pandemic. Took a lot of work to get back some of my former game. You are the best keep going!

  4. What’s interesting Aimee is that on your stop swing you really flattened the club out before you started down whereas your full swing was much more handsy and upright. I went on holiday for two weeks and did not take my clubs and came home and could barely get the bloody ball into the air!! I had to eventually go right back to basics like hitting with feet together, half swings etc to get the compression feel back.

  5. Great video, Aimee. Look forward to following your journey. You downswing / through swing motion still looks efficient and very athletic. Very good side bend. The pause at the stop drill is solid. 👍💯💯🔥🙏🙏🙌🙌

  6. Back injuries are the worst. For the years I’ve been watching your video your swing always seemed so smooth and easy and unbelievably consistent. In this video you seemed to really be fighting to find your sweet spot.

  7. Looking forward to following your journey toward improvement during the Winter. Here, in the Midwest, we’re still playing outside, but our days are numbered. Then I’ll move indoors into the X-Golf simulator once a week.

    I, like most of us mere mortals, am (as you say) TOO ARMSY in my swing 🙄
    So my goal this Winter is to work on clearing my hips, using more “CORE” and resisting the urge to “HIT” with my arms & hands. Looking forward to more “Golf with Aimee” to get me there.

    You should interview Fred Couples (if you can), who also has been fighting back issues his whole career, and find out what HE does to minimize back strain. He just won a Champions Tour tournament after a long drought. 👏🏻

    Keep up the good work 👊🏻

    1. That sounds like a solid plan for you! Thanks for sharing!! (I’d love to interview him too! I grew up admiring his game😃)

  8. hi aimee — i really appreciate you sharing your process with this winter project. i had an armsy swing and lousy weight shift but following your lessons has helped me learn to use my body more in the swing. After 6 years of golfwithaimee & mpswing, the improvement is finally starting to come faster (i broke 90 3x in the last 2 months and have been shooting under 100 consistently in the last 6 weeks). Golf is an incredible always-learning sport and i am so glad to have found your instruction, something i can understand, to help me on my journey. Thanks!

    1. Wow Mel! That’s so awesome to hear! Thanks so much for sharing with me! Super excited for you. Keep up the great work! I admire your passion🙌❤️

  9. I’ve recently lost distance, so I’ll be closely watching your journey. Good luck to both of us!

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