Aimee Reviews Your Swings! | 400K SUBS GIVEAWAY

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Thank you guys for celebrating hitting 400k in my channel! To show my appreciation, I’ve made a . I’m sure you can relate to some of these moves, and pick up a drill or two to work on!

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Aimee Reviews Your Swings! | 400K SUBS GIVEAWAY

Golf Swing
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  1. Great series idea and congrats on the 400K! I do have a question however. What are your thoughts on swinging 60 to 80% swing power? I was doing that today and oddly didn’t seem to lose much if any distance but was much more controlled with fewer mishits. I shot my best round today and on Wednesday I holed out from 88 yards for a birdie and nearly chipped in from off the green but the flag pushed it out from going in. Your tips must be helping, thanks!

  2. Aimee, a YT golf channel with over 400K subs is incredible (congrats!) and a testament to your technical and communication skills in making a hard game a little easier for all of us (thanks!).

  3. Congrats an another great training video! I really like how you point out some of the more common issues that amateurs like me have and then provide training videos to correct them. Great job!!! And congrats are 400K…won’t be long to you pass 1M

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