3 common uphill lie bunker shot mistakes are… | Salted Bunker Series (Ep. 2)

Today I will show you how to get it close from in the green side bunker. Get ready to take screenshots to keep notes for yourself so you can try it on the course!

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🎥 Filmed at Sand Canyon Country Club

3 common uphill lie bunker shot mistakes are… | Bunker Series (Ep. 2)

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  1. 아마추어가 어려워하는 포인트만 쪽쪽 집어서 가르쳐주시는 당신은 천사샘^^

  2. Thank you for this lesson. Really good tips especially about swinging aggressively, that was news to me.

  3. Love it, it made the uphill bunker shot look simple. And what a finish! A kiss to all of us! 😘

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