Scottie Scheffler’s Final Round | Every Single Shot | The Masters

Enjoy each and every single from champion Scottie Scheffler's final round. #theMasters


Given that 1934, the has been home to some of 's greatest moments. Amidst flowering azaleas, towering pines and blooming dogwoods, the very first full week of April ushers in a stage distinct to and to sport. Over four days and 72 holes, the smallest field in major championship golf competes for a possibility to capture the Green Jacket and a place in Masters history.

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Scottie Scheffler’s Final Round | Every Single | The Masters

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    1. @Simon Other than the first few holes I disagree that he struck the ball horrible on the front. He hit fairways on 2, 5, 7, 8 and 9 (5 of 7). Hit the green on 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (6 of 9), and had makable birdie putts on five of those holes (exception being the long putt on the par-3 6th).

      His biggest issue was trying to hit a draw, which I have to admit was sometimes comical to watch. Few players can constantly work the ball both ways these days.

  1. I’ve always dreamt of 4 putting on the 72nd hole to win the Masters. Jokes aside, this guy is on a HEATER.

    1. I actually had a bet on Scottie to shoot 70 or better. And he 4 putts the last hole to shoot 71. Lol

    1. @KL “a few 4 putts a round is pretty normal?” What an assinine and uneducated opinion…There are professional golfers who have NEVER 4 putted in their CAREERS. And I dont believe your “pro” shooting 7 under with three 3 putts either UNLESS two were on Par 5s and they were for pars. Most pros average less than one 3 putt per round.

    2. @Jay Santos “There are professional golfers who have never 4 putted in their CAREERS.”

      🤣🤣🤣 Cool story. Your golf buddies must call you Mr Big Fish. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. His hands must’ve been shaking because he won the masters. He’s having a crazy run this year

  2. The 18th hole is such a deceptive and tricky one. Near the hole, the ground is warped in ways that mimic a lake on a slightly breezy day. Truly one where you have to try and calculate at least 3 different curves of the ball ahead.

  3. Dude scrambled his way out of more than a few tough spots today. His whole week was solid. But playing smart when he was in trouble, and relying on his short game was particularly impressive. Especially with the certain nerves he was feeling. 

    Will be interesting to see if he becomes the next truly dominant player in the post-tiger era. Seems like every year or two a new young name gets super hot, but can’t seem to maintain any long term dominance. But with all the talent out there these days, maybe we’ll never have another like Jack or Tiger.

    And I’m kind of happy with how the 72nd hole played out. Thanks to Scottie, a bunch of young kids out there can now have a new dream of four jacking 18 at Augusta to win the Masters 😁.

    Well done, Scottie! Looking forward to seeing you go for a grand slam this year!

  4. Amazing this brother will keep me interested in golf he was on point cool as can be and his outlook on life I love it congratulations.

  5. that free drop on hole 3 saved at least a shot or 3. Never seen someone get line of site there unless it was a movable scoreboard. That scoreboard has always been there. to yank it left, get behind trees, then get to drop into a wide open lane. Hey, he did was he was allowed to do, can’t knock him.

    1. this has been totally understated. As an Australian I was quite livid watching that ruling live. changed EVERYTHING. Smith’s momentum – GONE.

      Has someone got a pic of the local rule that states that that scoreboard is a TEMPORARY IMMOVABLE obstruction and not an IMMOVABLE obstruction?

      Like you say, it’s always there.

      Until I see it, i will be inclined to think the rules official simply favoured the american guy because the Aussie was coming hard.

  6. He hit three iron shots. I don’t think he hit 4 greens. I really can’t believe no one could catch him.

  7. Master class in chipping, also Flippin amazing putts…dispite the last hole….Well done Champ !!!

  8. Never seen a bump & run employed so often ( 5 in the round) in a masters & executed so well.

  9. amazing golf. Stunning chipping. Anyone know what club he’s using around the green most often? Doesn’t get it in the air…

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