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    1. @IE C That I remembered. Watched the whole thing unfold with my jaw on the table. He disappeared into the sunset after that.

  1. I would have loved to have seen Rory take it for the grand slam. Having said that, Scottie seems like an absolute class act of a young man, and has obviously worked incredibly hard to earn this undeniably deserved achievement. Congratulations, sir!

    1. @Anthony Estevez Is he playing the rbc is this an opportunity for us to Maybe pick up 80 bucks

    2. @Anthony Estevez I used to be a caddy for a small time guy

  2. Que estilo! Este Golfista nos dio unas rondas muy entretenidas y demostró el entusiasmo y talento excepcional por eso su saco verde es muy merecido! aplausos totales muy buena la organización excelente de principio a fin con TW este 2022 una joya de torneo hasta el próximo abril! Graciassss ⛳️🇨🇱

  3. Superb Masters Championship weekend.
    Players were faced with morning chill with winds that cut you to the bone. The Greens were brutally crowned with placements that were diabolical. Scott Sheffled earned every hole and honors the game.
    Superb job Augusta

  4. Would be great if you guys could post the montage of all the previous winners getting emotional and how winning leaves them speechless such a cool video!

  5. Congrats Scottie Scheffler and to the entire Masters crew……………..what a CLASS ACT!

  6. And thanks to the IT Department for a great job streaming the tournament, uploading all the shots of all the players, the shot tracker & next year I hope to download a pimento & cheese sandwich.

  7. Love how unassuming Hideki is. Does what he has to do and quickly gets out of the way. And wtg Scottie!

    1. Japanese are very honorable and respectful people. It is instilled in their culture. Hideki Matsuyama’s behavior here at the ceremony is an example of this.

  8. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. 25 years old and so poised. How nice to have The Masters be his first major win. Here’s to many more years of great golf. ⛳️🏆

  9. Congratulations, Scottie! Well done! 2022 Masters champion!! Looking forward to seeing you play for many years to come!!

  10. Scottie is clearly the best golfer on the planet right now, he’s won four out of his last six tournaments, and they have all been big tournaments. The Masters is played on the most exquisitely beautiful golf course, but has the weakest field of all the Majors.

  11. What a wonderful champ. So eloquent with his words and just 25 years old. I am a fan for life!

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