The best sounding golf shot? 🔊

The best sounding golf shot? 🔊

Golf Swing
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  1. My advice to anyone with a golf swing like that is. FFS don’t get another lesson in your life. Leave well alone.

  2. I can never let my arms just hang down like that to swing if I do, I hit the floor or a hit really bad shot. I have to feel like my arms are extended up and forward like Bryson Dechambeau to even get the ball to fly right. Which feels weird to me. I need to learn to swing like this.

    1. I hold that you should learn a swing that’s most comfortable to you. Tweaking a comfortable swing into a controllable one is less straining than tweaking your whole body to feel good swinging. Last thing you want is to hurt yourself swinging a club

  3. Or is it the ball landing in the bottom of the cup? Guess it depends how many strokes it took to get there😂

    1. It starts on a line going just to the right of that white disc in the distance and begins to cut right!

    2. ​@412sportscards9 mate your eyesight is incredible. 😂 as soon as a golf ball is yellow, I’m lost.

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