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  1. If you ever come to Toronto I reserve the rights to take you for pints and some banter… I’d offer golf but I’m shite

  2. Watching Jimmy Bullard handle this course yesterday makes me think Rick really needs to work on his game. Content is suffering through the golf consistently being of a low quality vs the phenomenal production that his videos always bring

    1. Get bent. He’s an amateur YouTube golfer who reviews sausage rolls at the turn. If you want consistency go watch the Pros.

  3. And of course, despite not even being on camera, Guy dominates the verbiage even in a short clip, please make Guy go away, be podcast buddies & get him off the videos.

  4. Most insane ever? Think most of us watching have had a shank off the tee, a good recovery shot and saved a par ffs 🙄

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