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  1. Well you build near a golf course know that someday your building will be hit lol. I’m sure it’s happened before haha

  2. Full video is “Can I BREAK 75 at St Andrews? (ft CRAZY EAGLE) #Break75 S2E6
    ” posted Jun 10, 2022

  3. I’ve done that. Not a driver, hit the cart path way right and the spin on the ball pulled it over to the green on the bounce.

  4. I got to walk the course this spring on a sunday. At the 18th, I of course thought about the greats that have crossed the Swilken Bridge, but having seen this shot in the original video, I also thought of Rick’s bank shot off the hotel for eagle.

  5. Those windows better be Titleist-proof, otherwise that hotel is just begging for some broken glass

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