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  1. Then you guys need to come to South Africa there’s one around every corner👌🏻 and the golf courses aren’t to bad as well…

    1. Nando’s is in fact South African isn’t it? “What is your favourite dinning place in the UK so far?” A non BRITISH restaurant 😂

    2. ​@Javier Orozcothey’re in Scotland to be fair but yes. Does seem ridiculous. Nandos is overated garbage food that is idolised by London gangsters with no taste.

    3. @Javier Orozco hopefully he experienced some traditional Scottish food aswell. Also funny enough you’re right. It’s a South African company but the food is Portuguese lol.

    4. @Javier Orozco Nando’s, a South African restaurant chain specializing in Portuguese chicken popularized by the Brits… that’s globalism for ya

  2. My favorite part of this conversation is the next part they don’t show, where fat Perez is signing a little peri peri sauce jingle hahaha epic

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