Can Rick Shiels BREAK75 at The Open (2023 venue) S2E10


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Hi I'm Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is developed to assist you play much better golf, likewise to help you enjoy your golf more!

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Can Rick Shiels BREAK75 at The Open (2023 venue) S2E10

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  1. Yes! Was waiting for this video to drop any minute now. The Open has been a treat to watch. Lots of OG’s playing! Loved it. Watching Tiger walk across the bridge on 18 🥹

  2. I just want to say thank you Rick, I have struggled with depression for a long time and I came across your golf bidder challenge with Peter, and it inspired me to get out and enjoy this wonderful game. Now I’m getting out of the house more and have a real passion for golf, which has helped me so much. Thank you Rick and Peter Finch.

    1. I can completely agree with your comment and fully understand where you are coming from m8 life is a struggle most of the time and just getting out on a golf course makes my week even when I play like a dog, I know I don’t have the game to break par but I just love being out in the fresh air hitting balls and not thinking of all the other s&#t that’s makes me feel bad and depressed, small mercies I know but keep it up and tight lies to you and all, the lads are as Rick says ” FINOMANAL” love the videos lads

    2. Thank you everybody for your likes and comments and showing me how supportive this community is

  3. I think I would have quit after the fourth hole. I think I’d be lucky to break 150 in those conditions.

  4. “Tiger didn’t use Driver on this course once when he won”

    *proceeds to use driver on literally every hole and make like 1 fairway*

    1. He really didn’t get punished much for missing the fairway tbh. Using an iron does not guarantee hitting the fairway either.

    2. Tiger probably hits his 3 iron farther than Rick so it’s not really a fair comparison.

    3. Meh. In ’06 it was so dry and hard that an iron was running forever. Hardly comparable conditions

  5. Maybe I’ve missed previous one, but love the addition of the flag. It’s hard to know where you’re aiming sometimes (especially being an extremely novice golfer) so it’s a big help and cool to see! By the way, you’re the reason I decided to pick up golf! Keep up the great work!

    1. What flag addition are you referring too? Are you speaking about the shot tracer lines?

  6. I think one of the giveaways needs to be a round with Guy. It would be nice to play with someone that relentlessly positive and supportive.

  7. I love how Rick mentions Tiger winning here because of all his tee-shots being Irons and the importance of hitting fairways and Rick just keeps on smashing his Driver tee-shots in Roughs :), very nice video again!

  8. The analysis Rick gave on his 3rd shot on 11 was unreal an opened my eyes. As a high HCP i literally look at ‘how far away is the hole’ – he looked at slope left, slope right, wind, distance. Great insight

  9. I just love the energy that Guy brings to the channel, I enjoyed him adding more footprints 👣 in the bunker 😆 🤣 I love your work Rick and break 75 teaches me a lot about my golf. (all the way from Tzaneen South Africa 🇿🇦 )

  10. Played here about 30 years ago when I was a student in Liverpool. Can’t remember anything g about the course other than it was hard and they charged us full green fees but didn’t mention that half the holes were on temporary greens.

  11. I have to say I love the fact you’re an amazing golfer yet still show how everyone has their slumps in this crazy game. I’m 3 years into the game and I’m trying to break 80 and it’s frustrating going from shooting 83 to 89. You do an amazing job of showing the variety of scores even a pro can shoot let alone an occasional golfer, thanks Rick!

  12. Really tough course. Next year I think that the 36 hole lead at The Open is going to be worse than 13 under par.
    You two are so likeable. I love it when Guy features on these videos.

  13. Rick and Guy, As a member of the clubhouse I would like to request some ‘normal’ golf courses. I would love to see Rick around some of the course he grew up on: Reagent park, Deane, Duxbury and Hart common. Would be great for the average golfer to still see a single you two shooting out the lights on some lower stroke index courses. Keep up the great videos guys!

  14. That was soild considering the conditions. Par was like a birdie on a couple of those holes into wind. Great content as ever, thanks Rick, Guy and Team!

  15. The “slope” on, and around those greens is what makes that course tough. Plus, the wind! Don’t beat yourself up, Rick. That was a true challenge.

  16. Great to see You and Guy playing RLGC, in what is proper links weather, as a member of Wallasey (home of stableford) we battle these wind conditions most days, maybe a break 75 at Wallasey whilst your up here 👍

  17. Watching the open, it’s so evident how good these pro’s are around the greens. Holding puts from here there and everywhere and their touch around the greens is insane!

    I think Rick if you worked on that area of your game you would be breaking 75 regularly

  18. Hey Rick, I visited England for the first time about a month ago and played Liverpool! I’m a 3 handicap that had to struggle so hard with that wind (and rain) to shoot an 81. The fescue is a nightmare and even my trusty driving iron couldn’t find fairways. Glad to see it’s not just me who struggled there 😂

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